Green Advertising – Introducing the 3D shadow QR code

Korea is yet again leading the way on QR codes.

This time, an eco-friendly version which utilizes the angle of the Sun in key times of the day to cast a shadow QR code..

Great example driving people instore during lull retail periods..

The Emart Sunny Sale!

Best Use of QR Codes

QR codes: Myth or Magic?

Some might argue that in today’s time poor society, commuters rarely have the time to stop and look at your brand, let alone download a QR code of a random banner?

A brand or a QR code that stands out will require a combination of contextual relevance, easy to use interface, and something that offers the consumers value for taking their time to view your product. Loyalty rewards are a no brainer but this Out of Home QR code execution in Korea puts us all to shame.

Click to watch.


Update – Here’s a fun way of using QR codes by Heineken.

Introducing U codes! the Social QR code about you…