Fun with Travel – More on Gamification

Inspired by the Knife Campaign in the UK, Korea launches their new YouTube game.

Fun way to explore Korea via quick bit sized clips providing options of interactivity for users.

Step into Seoul and see where you wanna go…


How about eating a live octopus..



Good Brand Presence: Andriodland

Google teamed up with Telstra all their handset suppliers (Samsung, HTC etc) to create a flagship Andriod store in Melbourne.

Awesome retail experience for users to play with andriod features and bask in the “coolness” of being associated with Andriod phones. Much like how Apple stores have been set up more as a boutique display as opposed to a retail shop.

Ginger Bread smells in store!?!



Steve is Apple CEO no more.

Here are some of the best advertisements in his reign. Which one do you think is best? Poll Below!

Click to watch!

Best apple ads in steve Job's time 1983- 2011

There are some elements of the”Us” Vs “Them” in play. The uncool PC cluttered with virus Vs the fun loving mac is a masterpiece! If you look into all the recent apple ads you’ll notice that they only sell a feature at a time. All in their essence to keep it simple.

Steve has shaken up the market numerous times with the ipod, iphone, ipad , I wonder what will we see of Apple in the time to come..