Social Virality starts from the idea: Introducing.. the Homeless banner

Virality can happen in two ways.

1) Big BIG BIG budgets

2) A plain simple idea that is well executed

Introducing, the homeless banner. The banner that rewards sharing, clicking and promotes fun while driving awareness for Charity..


Gamification, ARG, AR Games – Chase, Have fun and Win

“Make it fun and the people will play….”

Gamification is on the rise and we have seen a trend of the Mini Cooper FB app and now the Nike – Catch the flash.

Very smart and contextually relevant where the user is made to give chase to the Nike Flash runners. Adding fun to running and coupled with a chance to win makes a recipe for success. True to the brand these flash runners are all pimped up and modelling the latest runners as they parade the city. Enjoy..

The New Balance Urban Dash which was a similar game:

and this is the Mini Cooper Facebook Game for anyone who’s missed it.

Fun with personalization and an element of skill and competition. Design your mini and race your friends! Loading times could be a worry tho…

More Nike Examples – The Grid