Cool Out of home: Show me the money! 3M security glass

How cool is this?

Effective Campaign by 3M to push the superiority of their unbreakable security glass. Talk about confidence in your products!

If you can break the glass using your body only, the money is yours!

Future of Advertising?

Came across this pretty interesting article on Google – Glasses.

An advertising concept which google is working on as part of their 100 year evolution.

Ingenius or wishful thinking? You decide..

Knowing Google they will probably market this as the ultimate search tool for maps, products and business listings while giving advertisers the opportunity to bid for ad placements…

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Coke Fun with Augmented Reality

Okay so it’s been done a thousand times but clearly by engaging with over 22 Million fans, Coke has done something right!

Celebrity Endorsements are huge in Asia and Coke tied this in nicely by augmenting fans into a dinner setting with their favourite celebrities. Fun and social ad.