Top Ads in 2011

Chanced upon some of these today.

Pretty good resource to get your creative juices flowing for 2012!

10 of the best Virals – Lots of good examples!

Best Australian Print Ads

Best Australian Radio Ads. – Love the Strepsils Example!

Gamification, ARG, AR Games – Chase, Have fun and Win

“Make it fun and the people will play….”

Gamification is on the rise and we have seen a trend of the Mini Cooper FB app and now the Nike – Catch the flash.

Very smart and contextually relevant where the user is made to give chase to the Nike Flash runners. Adding fun to running and coupled with a chance to win makes a recipe for success. True to the brand these flash runners are all pimped up and modelling the latest runners as they parade the city. Enjoy..

The New Balance Urban Dash which was a similar game:

and this is the Mini Cooper Facebook Game for anyone who’s missed it.

Fun with personalization and an element of skill and competition. Design your mini and race your friends! Loading times could be a worry tho…

More Nike Examples – The Grid



Blipper is a new key player in the AR space.

Watch some of these Mercedes and Tesco examples below.

With your smart phone you can help a hottie escape the confines of the Print ad and take her on an adventure. Smart branding and expanding on the theme of sexy which is prevalent in the moto industry..



Fun leads to Engagement: Real Life Angry Birds Experiential.

T Mobile really nailed this one with their message on “joining in the fun no matter where you are”. Taking the no.1 game from the app store to real life is no easy feat and it gives people something to talk and laugh about.

Taking a big idea and making it larger than life..

This also got replicated digitally in Spain by taking the game onto the web browser.

Users could drag and drop the app to shoot birds onto the page they were browsing!

Good Brand Presence: Andriodland

Google teamed up with Telstra all their handset suppliers (Samsung, HTC etc) to create a flagship Andriod store in Melbourne.

Awesome retail experience for users to play with andriod features and bask in the “coolness” of being associated with Andriod phones. Much like how Apple stores have been set up more as a boutique display as opposed to a retail shop.

Ginger Bread smells in store!?!