Steve is Apple CEO no more.

Here are some of the best advertisements in his reign. Which one do you think is best? Poll Below!

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Best apple ads in steve Job's time 1983- 2011

There are some elements of the”Us” Vs “Them” in play. The uncool PC cluttered with virus Vs the fun loving mac is a masterpiece! If you look into all the recent apple ads you’ll notice that they only sell a feature at a time. All in their essence to keep it simple.

Steve has shaken up the market numerous times with the ipod, iphone, ipad , I wonder what will we see of Apple in the time to come..

Best Use of QR Codes

QR codes: Myth or Magic?

Some might argue that in today’s time poor society, commuters rarely have the time to stop and look at your brand, let alone download a QR code of a random banner?

A brand or a QR code that stands out will require a combination of contextual relevance, easy to use interface, and something that offers the consumers value for taking their time to view your product. Loyalty rewards are a no brainer but this Out of Home QR code execution in Korea puts us all to shame.

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Update – Here’s a fun way of using QR codes by Heineken.

Introducing U codes! the Social QR code about you…